Tier Two Winner

Design Squad Global

Design Squad Global (DSG) connects kids, ages 9-13, from across the globe to engineer solutions to needs in their communities including protecting the environment, making children's and older people's lives better, improving their schools, and helping people stay healthy and safe. Implemented in global afterschool programs (DSG Clubs) as well as through an award-winning PBS Kids website (pbskids.org/designsquad), DSG provides fun and engaging hands-on opportunities for middle school-aged children to solve environmental problems and build engineering and global competency skills. DSG is a production of WGBH, the leading producer of programming for PBS.

Judges Comment

“We were very excited to see how Design Squad Global was making a creative effort to bring design and engineering to life for students from all walks of life. DSG is focused on solving local challenges in a fun and engaging way, which they support through media on their award-winning website. The program also puts the spotlight on cross-cultural exchange. We commend the emphasis on helping the students respect and consider different points of view to develop empathy and gain exposure to different cultures. We were incredibly impressed by their meaningful partnerships and outreach strategies, especially in how they are connecting girls to engineering professionals. The global design of the program, and how it is engaging students all over the world and helping them to identify with each other through E-STEM learning exemplifies the vision of the UL Innovative Education Award.”