2015 Winners | UL Innovative Education Award

UL and NAAEE are proud to announce the 2015 UL Innovative Education Award winners.

Five programs were selected, each with a focus on advancing STEM learning through projects involving real environmental problems (E-STEM) and each demonstrating success and innovation in this field. Recognition awards were awarded to all five programs to help further their work. In addition, each winner will also be paired with UL employees, including science, engineering, and technical experts in realizing the full scope of activities in their E-STEM educational programs.

On August 6, 2015, all five winning teams met in Chicago at UL headquarters for the inaugural ULIEA kick-off meeting and leadership summit. Joined by UL executives, guest speakers and others directly involved in sustainability and environmental work, the summit not only recognized the winning teams for their work, but also helped cultivate a network among the teams as well as UL mentors.

The event included an awards ceremony, a working session hosted by Jamie Herring, executive producer of the National Climate Assessment's digital strategy, launched by President Obama in May 2014, and a keynote talk by Barbara Guthrie, UL’s VP and Chief Public Safety Officer.

Thank you to each of you and your amazing programs that have applied for this year’s UL Innovative Education Award.
We look forward to learning all about your innovative E-STEM work and how you are engaging the next generation of engineers, scientists, business leaders, researchers, and inventors.

Together we can power a sustainable tomorrow!