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Despite being separated by more than 1,000 miles, students from Islesboro Community School working with the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership partnered with the Chicago Eco House last month to kick off a year-long sustainability project. The partnership was forged after both organizations won our 2017 UL Innovative Education Award and attended a summit to collaborate on special projects that further their missions.
What’s astounding about the Science Career Continuum (SCC) program is not just the curriculum, but the long-lasting impressions and effects the program has on alumni. Based on internal survey results, SCC has seen roughly 53 percent of alumni go on to earn STEM-related degrees, and the program has been uniquely effective in encouraging students to be the first generation of their family to receive higher education. Four alumni, in particular, stand out to SCC as great examples of how the program influences their participants. Their stories will blow you away.
Every year at ULIEA, we are on the lookout for NGOs leading the way in innovative E-STEM programming. With up to $100,000 on the line, you might think small organizations from across the U.S. and Canada would be breaking down our doors to apply. The reality? Smaller organizations often shy away, fearing their small-budget programs cannot compete with the larger, more established programs. We’re here to put that myth to rest.
On November 8 and 9, 230 students, teachers, faculty, workshop leaders and community members from across New York state came together for the 9th annual Adirondack Youth Climate Summit at The Wild Center. Learn more about how the summit came to be and about the amazing work underway by this ULIEA winner!
The 2016 third-tier winner, Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (NEMIGLSI), connects local students to their communities by providing place-based stewardship education opportunities linked to Great Lakes protection. We’re excited to tell you their story through their words.
UL and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) developed the UL Innovative Education Awards (ULIEA) in 2015...
We are so thrilled to introduce The Learning Center - NY Sun Works' new educational hub that supports teachers and educators participating in the nonprofit's signature program: The Greenhouse Project.
By Quilen Blackwell. President and Founder of the Chicago Eco House
From an annual teaching-the-teacher institute to beach cleanups, this past ULIEA winner has been busy all summer furthering E-STEM youth education.