In recognition of our world's changing needs, UL and NAAEE are proud to support innovative non-profit programs embracing E-STEM to inspire the next generation of scientists, business leaders, researchers, inventors, and engineers.

Five recognition awards will be distributed for innovation and excellence in the E-STEM field.

(1) US $100,000 Recognition Award
(2) US $50,000 Recognition Award
(2) US $25,000 Recognition Award

For a Total of US $250,000 in Recognition Awards


In addition to funding, UL employees, including science, engineering, and technical experts, will work directly with the selected organizations to provide expertise, resources, and volunteer hours to help further the winning projects' efforts in E-STEM education.


UL Innovative Education Award recipients will be expected to continue ongoing communications and mentoring with UL for a minimum period of one year after receipt of the award. Required communications include, but are not limited to:

Six Week Check-Ins
Quarterly Updates
Quarterly Reports
End of Year Summary

This communication shall be in a spirit of collaboration, and the recipient should be open to UL science, research, and mentoring support during this time period.

Additionally if your organization is selected as a finalist, one to two representatives will be asked to attend a kick-off meeting with NAAEE and UL.